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How To Make Youtube Kids App Safe on Android?


Youtube is the biggest video streaming form available worldwide. From starting it has been famous among everyone whether it is a teenager or an adult or a senior person. Due to youtube reach content creator also started making content for youtube and got quick success.

As the content for kids got very famous youtube decided to create a separate app for children only and this has been named as youtube kids app.

But from the day one sometimes videos suggestions section of youtube kids apps is showing inappropriate contents for kids and because of that parents are a little worried for there kids.

Sometimes youtube kids app search section also suggests some inappropriate results for kids.

So youtube has added some restrictions on youtube kids app so that parents have some control over what section or channel is accessible to kids.

If you didn’t know about controversy the youtube kids app is available in India from 2016. It has been reported by users that it shows some inappropriate content in the form of ads, video suggestion, search box suggestion etc.

Some parents also stated that kids using youtube kids app was able to reach to videos like top ways to suicide etc. This is the reason why they are worried about the safety of their kids.

So here we have made a guide showing you what are some ways by which you can control the content a user can watch on youtube kids app.

How to Set Password for Youtube Kids App?


I hope you already have youtube kids app if you didn’t then you can download the youtube kids app from google play store.

The password will keep your kids under the restrictions set by you. The other side of youtube is only accessible after you unlock youtube app by using the password.

  1. Open youtube kids app.
  2. Tap on a lock button in the bottom right.
  3. click on create own password.
  4. You will be asked to solve a mathematical problem so answer it correctly.
  5. Then you will be prompted to set the password then type it again for confirmation for the parental control in youtube kids app and click submit.

This is how you set the password for parental control.



How To Set Restrictions For Youtube Kids App on Android?


To set the restrictions permanently you need to sign in to your google account. In the restrictions, you can set the search to disable. You can let your kids watch specific channels what you want. You can also pause watch history so a user cannot see if by mistake they see something unwanted video etc.

  1. Open Youtube Kids App on your Android.
  2. Sign in to your google account where youtube is accessible.
  3. After sign in, you tap on a lock button in the bottom right.
  4. Then click on the settings button.
  5. Tap on kids profile photo.
  6. Enter your Google password for confirmation.
  7. A master menu will open to set all the restrictions scroll down and toggle button on in front of option you want to enable.
  8. Enable toggle button to disable search for kids.
  9. Enable Pause history so no history is saved and only channel videos are shown.
  10. Enable approved content only button. It will take you to further process to choose what all videos channel you want to whitelist for your child to be able to watch.
  11. Tap the Clear history button to Clear current video watch history.

Set Timer for how long your kid is able to watch videos on youtube kids app?

How To Make Youtube Kids App Safe on Android

This is another awesome feature implemented by Google in Youtube Kids App. This is another parental control feature on youtube kids android app in which you can set the timer for how long your child can watch youtube videos. This will limit there daily using a limit of youtube and stop wasting time.

The only limitation of the timer setting is if you can only set the timer between 1 minute to 60 minutes.

  1. Open Youtube Kids App on Android.
  2. Click on lock button.
  3. Type and Submit Password.
  4. Click on Timer Button.
  5. Set Timer between 1 to 60 minutes.
  6. Click the Start Timer.


Report Inappropriate Videos to Make Youtube kids a Safer Place?

You might know youtube has a machine learning algorithm which learns based on users reaction to every video. Youtube does not have any team to monitor what all video is suitable for kids or not. So youtube needs your help to make it a safer place for kids around the world. You can contribute to find inappropriate videos on youtube kids app.

If you find any inappropriate app on youtube kids you can flag them so youtube will know and remove the video from youtube kids app.

  1. Open Youtube Kids app.
  2. Play any video which you find is not suitable for kids.
  3. Click on pause and click on flag button.
  4. Select the reason for flagging.
  5. Click report.

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