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What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.12 April 2019 Update


PUBG has come up with a new major update in the game. It has been called PUBG 0.12 update. In Android OS it is around 450 MB with 13 MB patch next day and in IOS they do not reveal the size of an update but should be around 200mb with a 13 MB patch.

As the trend is increasing day by day the game is also improving and providing users many new features like New rounds to play, New guns, etc.

The game difficulty has also risen a lot in the past 6 months. Now you will find fewer bots then ever before means more players. In the new update, I felt the game has also improved in graphics a lot.

Let’s discuss in details.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.12

1. New Zombie Modes Under New category “EVOGROUND”

Earlier zombie update was released with Resenditial evil theme. At that time it has also been said by users that zombie mode is temporary. But after its huge success, they have made it permanent in zombie mode. Now, In this update, they have said to release all new zombie mode replacing earlier one.

Now in this PUBG has officially said they will release all zombie modes under Evoground section only. Earlier it was only one map with some new guns. But there were a lot of places where you could hide and kill all the zombies. Now, They have closed all those places.

They have added 2 new modes of zombie maps.

  • Zombie: Darkest Night:- Fend off zombies and survive until the morning comes. Stay alive for 1 night.
  • Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2:- The city is full of zombies that will relentlessly attack players at night. Stay alive for 2 nights.

Earlier you have to kill zombies and kill players to win the match. Now in the new modes you just have to kill the enemies, it will now matter if you kill enemies or not. If you survived all the 12 waves you will win no matter how many enemies are alive.

Even if you kill all enemies before the time you still have to fight with zombies for your survival.

1.1 Toxic Gas

In this, you have to stay in during the night to stay protected from Toxic gas. Whenever you go out you will get damage because of toxic gas. For the short term, you can use a new Injection like adrenaline shots. Now in this, you have Antidote shots to stay protected from toxic gas.

1.2 Zombies in 12 Waves

The intensity of zombies and difficulty has also increased a lot. Earlier you just have to spend the night and stay alive till morning. Now you have to kill all zombies. Now zombies come in waves in a game it is around 12 waves of zombie with each wave the difficulty increases.

1.3 New Gun

A cool new much-anticipated addition to this game is they have added a new RPG launcher. This is like a missile launcher which kill all the zombies, enemies and even teammates in one shot. The name of this gun is RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile.  This gun is available only in zombie mode.

Explosive Crossbow: this is also a new addition to the game which is the same as a normal crossbow but it explodes when it hits someone making it one shot to finish a zombie.

1.4 New Zombies

This is another cool but scary new addition in-game with zombie modes. Earlier there were Tyrants, butchers, the lickers and the spitters, Normal Zombies and Police Zombies which were easy to kill. But now in addition to that, they have added some more new types of zombies like jumping zombies and spitters, which can jump a lot higher.

Now zombies can climb the walls so you cannot stay safe in the higher place.

1.5 Levels in Zombie Mode

Now with every game, you play in zombie mode you gain experience and points so you can level up in zombie mode.

1.6 Zombie Achievements

In PUBG 0.12 Update Zombie related Achievements are also added in-game.

“A step too far” is an achievement which determines how much you have traveled when cased by zombies. To get this achievement you have to travel over 20,000 Meters.

“Alive at Dawn” and “Until Dawn” are also new additions in achievements. To get these you have to win 20 matches in both the maps Zombie: Darkest Night & Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2 respectively.

Spectator Mode

This is also one of the most awaited feature of PUBG mobile in this you can watch the match of any player in your friend list. This can be done by clicking on the Play button next to the name of the player in your list. This is not compulsory that you and friend should be in the same match to watch the match. You have to be in the lobby then you can watch your friend playing.

You can watch who is spectating you in the game when you click on chat you can click on the 4th button to see who is spectating. You can switch On and Off if you do not want someone to spectate you. This can be done in lobby > Settings here you can enable or disable.

New Winner Winner Chicken Dinner & Wasted Animations

Earlier when you win you just see a small winner winner chicken dinner written. Now you see that in big and you also get 30 seconds to celebrate the game in which you can play emotes, Fire guns, Throw grenades, etc.

These are some of the major changes which came in this update. Few minor updates are also here like a bird button in the lobby. Which does not work till now. It will be unlocked in the future.

Now you can also change the color of crosshair in the setting.

These are the updates in this new PUBG 0.12 Update. This is basically a zombie-centric update. The main focus of this is improving zombie mode.


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