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PUBG: Get 300 UC Very Cheap Safe Method

pubg 300 uc cash

In this article, we will discuss how can you get 300 UC cash for just 140 rs in PUBG. Earlier people lost money and account when they were using the 8100 UC cash trick.

Most of the accounts were banned. But this trick is legal and can be used to get 300 UC cash in PUBG for very cheap. As PUBG is very famous and people are finding how can you get items for cheap in PUBG.

PUBG is the most popular game in android and ios for a long time. It has been on top of the chart. So craze of people playing is also increasing. Every day thousands of new player join PUBG to play.

This trick lets you get 300 UC cash which is legal because PUBG has an offer for a certain country offering cheaper UC cash.

In normal condition, you will get 300 + 25 PUBG cash for 420 INR. But with this trick, you can get it for 140 rs only and you don’t need to do anything illegal.

This trick is working in PUBG Mobile and Emulator.



How to Get 300 UC in PUBG for Cheap?

Purchasing UC cash is an easy way you just need to link your bank account with your Google Pay account. If you didn’t have google pay linked you can do this now.

To link google pay with the bank account you just need to download and open google pay app. Tap on your name in the app then choose your bank account. Enter your bank details then enter your UPI Pin if you didn’t already have you can set up now. make sure you remember your UPI because it will be used on all apps related to UPI transactions. After all this, you are ready with your UPI google pay account.


How to buy cheap 300 UC cash?

To purchase 300 UC cash you need to 2 applications

Follow the steps:

You already have PUBG installed now download Solo VPN App because it has Indonesian VPN server. You can download any other app but you need to make sure it has an Indonesian server because without this the trick will not work.

  1.  Download and open VPN app
  2. Choose on location.
  3. Tap on Indonesian server and click connect.

Your First part is done now you are connected to Indonesian server it means PUBG will think you are from Indonesia. Make sure you did not have PUBG running in background.

  1. Open PUBG
  2. Go to lobby and in the bottom right you will see Events button.
  3. Near Events button few images will be scrolling you need to swipe image till you see UC cash image.
  4. Tap on that
  5. You will see an offer saying get 2 Classic crate, 9999 BP coin, and 300 UC cash for 1.99 USD
  6. Click on BUY You will see a popup saying 160 rs to buy.
  7. Complete payment.

PUBG 300 UC cash trick


That’s it. Now close PUBG and disconnect VPN and now start PUBG to enjoy 300 UC. If you found anything not working please let me know in comment section below

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