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How To use Inkwire Screen Share on Android?

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Earlier Screen Sharing was only available for Windows PC. But you can now share screen share using inkwire on android.

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist is an app on android which allows you to share your android phone screen with other android users just like team viewer in windows. This is a secured app which gives you a unique secret code to share with the use you want to screen share.

This was also added in google duo in the earlier update but later removed due to glitches. There are many apps on play store in which you can share your desktop screen onto your android. But they don’t allow you to share the android screen from the desktop.

I have tried some apps which lets you share screen from android to android but I found inkwire is much better in features they provide.

How to Screen Share using Inkwire on Android


How to Screen Share using Inkwire on Android?

To Screencast with others via Inkwire app for android.

App Needed:


  • Device who wants to share screen.
  • Device B who will see other phone screen.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Download Inkwire Screen Share + Assist. On both mobile phones.
  3. Open Apps in both devices
  4. On Device A click on Share button appearing on the screen.
  5. Click Allow If a popup appears.
  6. It will generate an Access code.
  7. Click on Access Button on Device B.
  8. Enter The complete code in Device B which is shown in Device A.
  9. Click Access after entering the code.
  10. You get an option on Both Devices to toggle On/Off Voice Chat.
  11. Click got It.
  12. Now whatever you do on Device A it will be seen the same in Device B.

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There are many other apps which can do the same work with some less or more features. Some are paid and some are free. But I found Inkwire Screen Share app to be the best and easiest to use.

Earlier it was required to signup for the beta program but now Inkwire released its stable version of app onto android play store.

If you want more information about the team of Inkwire you can visit their official website.

If you also want to record your screen while sharing or when you are watching other device. You can read other article to learn How To Screen Record on Android 3 Steps?.


Can I Share Screen with two devices at the same time?

Inkwire screen share or any other app won’t allow you to share your screen with 2 devices at the same time. You can show your device with one at a time. But if you want to share your device screen just to watch you can make a live stream with unlisted or Public type and share the link with others. They can also watch your screen.

Free of Paid?

For now, Inkwire Screen Share is free. But as they are adding more features in there app. They can make the app paid to use. Its competitors are providing all these features in paid form only.


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