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How To Unzip Files On Android Phone?

How To Unzip Files On Android Phone

Zipping and unzipping is a very old method to send multiple files in their respective folders in one go. Unzipping files on android phone is as easy as opening a folder in android.

Zip files are used in many different places. For Example, the common way people to get zip file is from E-mail attachments. Most commonly when a sender sends a large group of files these can me send via zipping. Therefore This method has many benefit over traditional ways. Let’s learn more about Zip.

What is Zip?

Zip is a method of compressing files and combining them into a single file. The output file after zipping files are where.ZIP is the Extention. Zip files are a type of file which comes under Archive Files.

Archive file consist of many different extensions. which basically solves almost same problems.

Examples of different Archive File Extentions are :

  • .ZIP,
  • .ZIPX ,
  • .RAR

These are 3 most commonly used throughout the globe and all three are supported by the app which we will use.

In most of the device, you do not need any extra app to download to unzip or open zip files.

But in some cases like with Motorola, Nexus or any Android devices which comes with stock Operating System out of the box.

You can say android devices without any file explorer have to download a simple free app to open archive files.

How To Extract Zip files in Android?

This is the reason most of the people just have to follow from step 3 and skip step 1 and 2.

If you have a phone which doesn’t have any File Explorer then I can suggest you one of the best file explorer for your android device.

Step 1

Open Google Play Store And Search For ES File Explorer(Free) and ES File Explorer (Paid)

ES File Explorer comes in 2 variants one is paid and other is Free. So, Although paid version is not required but if you want to support developers then you can go for Paid Version

Step 2

Click on the ES File Explorer app and click install.

Downloading Android applications from other untrusted sources can be very harmful to your device and privacy of you and your data.

Google looks code of each and every app before approving it to showcase on google play. It checks if it is clean and do not have any harmful malicious code installed in it to breach your identity.

Using marketplaces to get free paid softwares are always risky.

Step 3

When this file manager is installed click open button.

Step 4

After opening the app navigate through folders to the desired zip file to unzip it or extract all files from it.

Step 5

When you reach to your file click on the file it will open directly but in order to extract the files from this zip to normal folder as it was then, you need to click on the Extract button above as shown in the image.

Step 6

Clicking on the above Extract button a popup will appear asking to choose the destination of files to extract.

In which you can choose current directory option which will extract your files in the same folder in which your zip is in, but if you want to change the folder and want to save files somewhere else.

Then you need to choose option choose path and guide through the directories and choose the desired destination and click ok.

Step 7

That’s it! Sit back let it extract in just a few seconds depending file size of zip it will extract.


To conclude this, if you have to file explorer as preinstalled in your Android Device.

Then it most probably will support extracting files from zip files.

But if it does not support extracting archive files. Then you need to download the above application. how to open the zip file in an Android mobile phone is one of the most asked questions now answered.


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