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How To Screen Record on Android 3 Steps?

How to record screen on android

First of all, After writing this article I feel people might feel that this is a sponsored article, but let me clear you this is not at all sponsored. I wrote here what i feel by using these apps. I also use trial version so this is another reason to believe me 😀

People often ask me how to record screen on android device or how to record gameplay on an android device? These are asked tons of times to me and others. Screen recording can be done through apps available on google play. Some apps allow you to record screen with your audio I highly encourage you to only download android apps from google play store only.

I will soon create a dedicated post on Top 5 Android screen recording apps for free. Every app has different benefits, features, and compatibilities with phones. So it depends upon you what features you want to use. But some people want to do live streaming through Android phones. This feature is also available in apps so each app has a different used case.


How To Screen Record on Android?

In this tutorial, you just need an android device and working google play store to download an app. I will show you 2 apps in which you can simply start recording your screen in a few simple steps.


You can use any of the two apps:

Out of these two, I personally like DU recorder more as it is simple to set up and the main thing for me is to transfer files after recording. So transferring files from mobile to PC is simple in this app. Not only this you can create a gif file of video files. Which I use commonly to demonstrate step by step process my blog. These are a few key points which I look in an app over others which makes my workload less and increase my efficiency.

Lets Start…

Step 1.

Open Google Play Store Search for DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live. Then click Install and Open The App.


Step 2.

It will ask you to enable it to over recording on other apps.


Step 3

Next Step is a swipe from right to left five times or directly click on ⚙️ the Gear icon.

Here you can change all types of settings whether it is video settings or control settings.

  • Video setting lets you record from 240p video to 1080p
  • Video Quality by default set to auto but you can change it between 12 Mbps to 1 Mbps.
  • FPS can also be adjusted between 60 to 15 FPS depending upon your device and usage for high-end mobiles you can use 60 fps with game recording or streaming.
  • Proper video orientation is important depending on where you want to show it. If you are game and recording for youtube then it should be landscape but if you want to share it on Whatsapp then you can use portrait.
  • Audio recording by default is set to enable which can be switched off.
  • Video location where you want your video to be saved.
  • Inverted color leave it disabled in case you want your video to be shown with inverted color.
  • For games, you can enable facecam also when you scroll down below.
  • Leave other settings as it is.


Step 4.

After making changes according to the requirement you have to close the app. After that, you just have to click on the small orange button on the right side of the screen and click on the red dot to start recording.

When you will stop recording it will ask you to watch the video, share or delete the video. You also get the option to do live streaming from your phone on youtube, twitch or facebook. For that, you have to setup the proper environment.

The same steps can be followed when you download the Mobizen Screen Recorder. It’s almost the same software with a different layout. Though I feel it is a little bit complex and it shows ads very often which is not at all seen in DU Screen Recorder.



This app is good for all-purpose because it targets all type of devices with low-end hardware you can use medium setting as for high end you can use highest settings. The best thing for gamers is at no extra cost they can start streaming games like PUBG which is very trending and people are loving to watch.

So please comment down below for what you want to use this app.


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