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How to Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger?

How To Roll Back Sent Message On Facebook Messenger

In the later half of 2017, Whatsapp has released a feature “delete for everyone”, which lets you delete, recall or roll back a sent message. This feature was a hit from day one, earlier this feature was only available in Telegram.

After seeing the success of this feature with Whatsapp Facebook also introduced it in its own messenger.

Deleting message feature can save you from getting embarrassed in front of your friends or known’s. Sometimes you send a message to the wrong person but sometimes you send a message then change your mind and want to delete it.

After Telegram, Whatsapp & Instagram you can now delete or un-send message on Facebook messenger also. In this guide,  I will show you step by step process to delete a message. A user needs to be aware that as seen on other platforms there is a limit till which you can delete a message.

Same happens with Facebook also it has been seen that “Remove for Everyone” is only available for the first TEN minutes only. This works with individual chat as well as with group chats.

How to Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger?

The steps to follow are super simple. You just need to follow as shown below. If you can’t find the button that means your messenger is not updated.

Step 1. 

To Roll Back or Unsend Message, The first step is to open Facebook Messenger and Navigate through the chat where you have to delete a message from It can be a group chat or individual.

Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger

Step 2.

After opening the chat you have to press and hold the message which you want to delete.

Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger

Step 3.

Click on remove button which you will get after holding the message and bin appears in the bottom left side with remove text.

Step 4.

On clicking remove button you will get 2 options Remove for You and Remove for everyone. 

  • Remove for You: deletes a message from your(sender) side but it will still appear on receiver mobile.
  • Remove for Everyone: deletes the message from both end i.e sender and receiver. (option available for 10 minutes only after sending a message)

Step 5.

So based on our need you need to click on Remove for Everyone.

Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger (3)

Step 6. 

After clicking on Remove for everyone you will get a popup appearing on the screen asking to confirm deletion because after that message will be removed forever and you cannot recover it.

So, Click Remove Button. 

Roll Back Sent message on Facebook Messenger

That’s It! You are done after clicking remove you will see message text change from message to “you removed a message

How to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger


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