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How To Backup Your Android Device?

Backup Your Android Device

Learn to Backup your Android device. To this seems very difficult but in this article, we will show you a few steps to perform this task. Google stores most of your settings, contacts, notes etc. automatically if you forgot to save it. But for that, you need to keep your device connected to the internet through Wifi or mobile data it doesn’t matter.

Google also has the option to save all your videos and images to Google cloud storage which is also called google photos. It is a free feature for you to save images but the limitation of that it has the option only to save the high-quality image. For HD images has limited space which is around 15GB for free. More can be bought from I must say prices are pretty cheap.

Backup Your Android Device can be done in two ways whether it is online or it could be offline.

To create an offline backup you need to have a hard disk or a pen drive. But in many cases, people lost there hardware or they get corrupted.

Security of these devices like anyone can use your hard disk or pen drive that could leak your important data.

So these days people prefer to take backup of your android device on cloud platforms like google drive, dropbox etc.

Here your files are safe and secure you just need to have ID and Password to access these and if you want to share only few files to someone then you can do that too.

How To Backup Your Android Device?

When it comes to Backing up your device there are a couple of ways and apps which help you reduce your work.

#1 How to sync your device to Google?

Backup Your Android Device google drive

Google provides every user some abilities to keep syncing their device once a day and it will store a backup on your google account. It stores your phone setting like contacts, calendar events, Device settings(network settings), dictionary words, app and apps data, call history, photos, videos etc.

To enable it you just need to follow 2 simple steps.

  • Go to Settings > Google > Backup > Enable Toggle Button in front of Backup to Google Drive.
  • Under that Select your Google Account by tapping on account option, Read instructions click ok.

That’s it! it will auto sync your device to your chosen google account. With that, you can see the status of sync what all are synced. if you want something like photos or app data not to sync then you can disable it by tapping on the particular option and disable the toggle button.

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#2 How to Backup Photos & Videos to Google Photos?

Backup Your Android Device using google photos


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Uploading photos and videos are safe when it comes to Google. Google takes security very seriously hence it keeps inviting security researcher to find if anyway they can hack google and google fix that issue. To prevent future data leaks through hacks.

So you can use google to store your data. Storing data online need a lot of your data to upload massive videos and images to the cloud. So make sure you are running a good pack to avoid exhausting your calling balance. Also, you can choose the option to automatically start uploading your media only when Wifi is available.

So to upload your images on google photos you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to Google Play store and search for google photos and install it.
  • Sign in your Google account where you want your images should be saved.

That is all you need for further customization you can do the steps shown below.

  • Then go to menu > Tap on setting button
  • Choose backup & sync Enable if backup and sync are not enabled.
  • Below that choose a backup mode and select High Quality (free backup) It will store unlimited images and videos. Original quality has 15 GB of total capacity to store images. Click back.
  • Click on cell data usage > choose data to use from mobile data and choose data roaming. if you disable both it will only upload images from wifi only.
  • If you save more than one device data on this then you can create separate folder of each by Backup Device folder and choose the desired folder to save data.

That’s all you have to do.

If you do not have data on Wifi or in mobile then you can store the images in your desktop. This is a traditional way of storing data from your smartphone to your PC.

Please comment down below if you do use google photos or not. But i personally use google photos from years and i love it.

If you want a tutorial on storing data from phone to pc also then comment down below. I would love to make a guide for you.

In this article we learn to create a backup your android device if you have any question please comment down below

Please leave feedback and ask us any question which you need help with like any tutorial. I will be happy to make an article for you. Don’t Forget to Share On your social media.

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