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How to Enable Night Mode Google Chrome Android

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome In Android (1)

Many apps are these days adding Night Mode or Dark Mode in their apps. So does Google chrome on android has also added night mode in their app. So in the article, you will learn how to enable night mode in google chrome in android.

Google Chrome Dark Mode in Android was much awaited by users because people find it uncomfortable in the night time when they use google chrome.

In the latest update of Google Chrome version 74.0.3729.112 stable version. Google has implemented a hidden feature to turn on and off Night Mode in Google Chrome in Android Device.

The dark mode is used by many users across platforms. People find it very difficult to stare at mobile screens in a dark place. Dark mode reduces the stress mobile screen put on users eyes.

Earlier youtube has also added dark mode in youtube android app interface.

For now dark mode is not available directly with a single button, To enabling dark mode you have dig in deep google chrome by putting one simple command and perform some steps as shown and you will get dark mode.

Maybe google will roll out a new update with dark mode option directly visible in interface directly. But for now, you have to perform some steps to turn it on.

If you want dark mode in desktop mode then you can use a plugin called Dark Mode for Chrome to switch it to dark mode. For that, you can just download and install this extension. But in android, you cannot download and use extensions.

How to Enable Night Mode In Google Chrome Android?

To enable Night mode first you have to check if your google chrome is updated or not. If not you have to update the app before starting because night mode feature in google chrome android is available in version 74.0.3729.112 and above.  Below this version, you will not find this option/feature.

Step #1 Open Google Chrome


Step #2 Tap on Box where you type domain and type Chrome://flags

Enable Night Mode in google chrome

Steps #3 You will See a search box on top tap and type anyone

  • Night Mode

  • Enable Night Mode

  • Enable Android Chrome UI Dark Mode

Or You can Copy this link and paste it in your browser and you will directly reach here



Steps #4 Click on default a popup will appear written and switch it to “Enable”

How to Enable Night Mode Google Chrome Android 1



Step #5 Now Click On Relaunch Button.

Enable Night Mode in google chrome


Step #6 Now open a new tab and click on top right button and click on Settings

Enable Night Mode in google chrome

Step #7 You will see a New Option Called Dark Mode

Enable Night Mode in google chrome


Step #8 Tap On dark and Toggle Button Off to On.

Enable Night Mode in google chrome


That’s it now when you open any website you will see the base color of the browser is blackish.

Note: Sometimes when you click the Relaunch button. Chrome Browser does not close completely. So it doesn’t show the dark mode button so for that you have to manually close the chrome browser window and relaunch it. Then you will see dark mode in settings.

Earlier we have also shared how to enable dark mode in youtube android app. So if you watch youtube in the night you can use it I personally use dark mode since it is released.

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