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How to Create Zip Files on an Android Device in Just 3 Steps? [GIF]


Do you know how to send multiple files in Email?

You will say just select files and upload them? But what if I say I have to send few 100’s or thousands of files in Email. When it comes to sending a lot of files you can send it by selecting 1 by 1 but it will be a very inefficient way. In this situation you can use File compression software like WinZip, Winrar these are windows based software. But for android, you can use apps like ES File Explorer File Manager to compress files. These are used to combine multiple files and make a single file. So everyone should know how to create zip files on an Android device as well as on a computer.

What are the advantages of using Zip compression?

  1. Zip compression has a few advantages and disadvantages as well. The advantage of this is the convenience of sending many files in combining them into one.
  2. Another advantage of creating a zip is it also compresses file size which makes it smaller in size leads to combining more files consuming the same storage.
  3. Creating a zip of folder which as many subfolder and files in it. It keeps them organized in a zip file and after extracting in the same hierarchy. So this makes it more usable.
  4. It is very time efficient as it does not take much time to create a zip or extract files from a zip in the same hierarchy.
  5. Zip files can contain X number of files and it can also contain media files documents or any other type of extension.
  6. It can be used in any operating system like windows, Linux (OS and Android both), Mac Os,

I can tell you many more advantages, disadvantage and working of zip files but I will create a dedicated in-depth article on zip files if you want you can comment down below. For now, let us learn how to create a zip file in android.


How to create a Zip File in Android?

In this tutorial, you need an android app to create a zip file in android.

Step 1.

Open Google Play Store, Search For ES File Explorer. Then download the first result and click open. Then It will ask you to Click Agree.  Now a popup will come asking for permission Click Allow to access storage to access files and folders. Then click Start in bottom

How To Create Zip Files On An Android Device

Step 2.

After Opening app and doing all things as shown in first step you will now see the apps First Screen. In this you have to first click on top left side Menu Button. Then a menu will slide in screen and tap on local again a sub menu will open then you have to click on Home. Clicking on home button will take you to all files and folders on your device.

How To Create Zip Files On An Android Device

Step 3.

This is the final and most important Step. You have to look for files or folder you want to make zip. Then Tap long to select folder or file you can select multiple files or folder. After selecting folders you have to tap on bottom right Menu button and choose Compress. Then name the zip file whatever you want if you want to set up a password you can type password if you want then and Click ok button to start zipping process.

How To Create Zip Files On An Android Device

This is all you have to do. Creating Zip is as simple as downloading an app. You just have to know what to do and you are good to go.

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