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How To Share Content On Torrents In Legal Way? [2019]

Complete Torrents guide in android (2)

Downloading torrents, in general, is considered a crime. Torrents got popular because of piracy of sharing paid apps for free or downloading the latest movies. This lead to decreasing revenue of creators a lot.

Torrents are the things which cannot be stopped because this is not hosted by any centralized organization. This is a decentralized way of sharing information or data in public. This is why stopping is very difficult.

The main concept of a torrent is to increase privacy protection were sharing the data without involving any server or organization. Complete data is shared be uploader known as seed or seeder and the person who download data is known as a leech.

Uploader sends data directly to leech when uploader stops seeding then there is no way the data can be downloaded. So this is why torrents can be used for good use.

So torrents can be used shared for personal use with 100% privacy because no organization is involved. This means the data is not stored anywhere which increases privacy. No one is involved in sending or receiving data.

The legal way is to share files is only share the files what you own or has permission to share. Any paid file or sharing someone else data without there permission is considered as illegal.


  • How to create a torrent in android?
  • How torrent download and upload speed works?
  • How to download torrent file?


This tutorial is for educational purpose only. I or my team is not responsible of any illegal activity in any way. 




App needed to create and download is tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client available on google play store. This app does what a desktop Torrent manager can do. Create and share as much as the content you want. Just beware of your internet data and battery. It does not cross your internet data consumption limit. The data you get from a service provider includes upload as well as download usage.

For Example: If you get 1GB of data each day and you consume the data by download 100 MB and uploading 900 MB you will reach your data cap.


Step 1: Download and Open tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client from Google Play Store.

how to create torrent in android


Step 2: After Opening app you will see an empty screen to create torrent click on the top left menu button.

how to create torrent in android


Step 3: A menu will slide in from left, Click on file browser to open the file manager.

how to create torrent in android


Step 4: Select file or folder you want to share in this tutorial I am sharing the screenshot folder. After selecting a folder click on the pencil icon on the top bar.

how to create torrent in android


Step 5: A popup will appear do not change anything here just click on create button.

how to create torrent in android


Step 6: It will process to create a torrent.

how to create torrent in android

Step 7: After completing process another popup will appear, click on the checkbox in front of start seeding. Click on share magnet link and share it with your friend whether it is via WhatsApp or whatever medium.

how to create torrent in android 6


Note: In this article, I have shared my magnet link through Whatsapp.

That’s it you have created and shared your torrent. Now to share data you need to stay connected to the internet. By wifi or mobile data anything will work. The download speed of a torrent depended upon seeder upload speed and leecher download speed.


If seeder maximum upload speed is 100 kbps then it will not matter if leecher can download at the speed of 1Gbps from the internet or not leecher will get the max speed of 100 kbps only.

Like that, if Seeder has a max speed of 100 Mbps but leecher has a max download speed of 1 Mbps then the max speed of leecher will be 1 Mbps only

This situation depends on the number of seeders and leechers if a torrent has less number of seeders and more leechers then also speed will be slow. The above example is based on 1 seed and 1 leech.






Step 1: Download and Open tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client from Google Play Store. For downloading you can use other apps like µTorrent®- Torrent Downloaderor BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads.

These both apps do not provide creating new torrent feature but has download feature and these are best in class apps used by millions of users around the world.

How to download and create torrents in android

Step 2: Copy the magnet link you got from seeder. I being a receiver got a magnet link from WhatsApp.

How to download and create torrents in android


Step 3: Open the torrent app and Tap on 3 dots on the Top Right Side of the screen.

How to download and create torrents in android


Step 4: Tap on add magnet links option.

How to download and create torrents in android


Step 5: Paste the magnet link which you copied and Click the download button to start downloading.

How to download and create torrents in android


In this article, I have guided you from the creation of torrent in a mobile phone to downloading torrent without the use of the desktop. So if you want to share data or want to receive data you can follow steps I have shown you above.



There are other apps you can download but these are the best you can download apps based on your needs. If you have torrent from any torrent sharing website then also this torrent client will work and the downloading procedure of any torrent file will be the same as shown above in the article.

You can download a torrent from magnet link or you can also share the torrent file which is mostly found on torrent sharing websites.

The torrent file you download is of .torrent extension and only torrent clients like listed above only supports it.

The reason why I have shown you magnet link method is because most of the apps like Whatsapp, Facebook does not let users share other extension files. So in that way


So to conclude this with sharing data over torrent is easy and safe but if anyone else got your magnet link the third person can also download the files. To identify between friend and stranger is very difficult.

So you have to use this thing with caution because there is no way the app can alert you. Though you can see the number of leechers downloading the file. If you shared the file only to one person then seeder and leecher both count should be one only.



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