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How To Check Radiation Value of Mobile? [2019]

How To Check Radiation Value of Mobile? [2019] 2

Did you know your mobiles have radiation activity some are at safe level but some are very harmful to your health? Today in this post we will learn how to check the radiation value of any mobile? Some company shows radiation value on the name of SAR value which can be seen on a mobile phone box or on the official website.

When we want to purchase a mobile we look for specs like processor, screen size, ram, storage etc. But we often overlook some aspects like SAR value, screen technology etc. SAR value is very important in your health point of view.


Why phone has radiations?

Basic usage of the mobile phone is Calling, Browsing internet etc. now how do mobile send and receive data? To communicate and send and receive data from the outside world.

Mobile phones send Radio Frequency to the nearest mobile tower. From the tower, it travels by wire your signals are converted into an analog signal (0 and 1 form).

Though now most companies are upgraded and switched to fiber optics so in that case, it converts the signal into electric pulses form. Then it sends and receives data to ISP Internet service provider and to servers then back to ISP then to tower and then to mobile. So when a signal travels wirelessly. it is converted in the form of radio frequency which mobile receives.


What is the SAR Value?

Full form of SAR is Specific Absorption Rate is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic field. it is measured in Watt per Kilogram (W/KG)


What level of SAR is safe?

The Federal Communication Commission has set a limit of the safe area of absorption of RF to the human body. The safe limit for SAR value is 1.6 Watt per kilogram.


How To Check Radiation Value of Mobile?

After reading all these you might be curious to know your mobile phone SAR rating. To know about your mobile SAR Value there are a couple of ways to to know SAR Value.


Dial *#07# USSD Code: This is the most commonly used and easiest method to know about your device SAR value. Open dialer of your mobile and dial *#07# which will prompt you a screen showing you SAR information Different brands shows it differently.

How to check SAR Rating


Check You Mobile Box: Check the box in which you got your mobile. Most of the brands specify the SAR details on their box.

How To Check Radiation Value of Mobile
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What are the Harmful Effects of Radiation?

Using mobile phones, laptops for a longer period of time continuously can cause some serious health problems. If you are exposed to High radiation for a longer time you might feel some effects like:

  1. Loss of memory.
  2. cognitive disorder
  3. Sleeping disorders.
  4. Sight disorder
  5. Concentration problem etc.

If you are having a mobile which has over 1.6 W/KG of radiation level then I highly recommend you to switch your mobile to a newer device. First of all which is very rare to happen because these days mobiles come pre-testing by FCC. Only Safe level mobiles are allowed to launch. Which means this problem most likely to be found only in older devices.


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