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Best 5 FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps

5 Best Secure android VPN apps

When you search for Best Free VPN or Best Secure Android VPN on google play store you will find plenty of apps. People use VPN apps to access websites which are geolocation blocked or Ip blocked etc.

You can download any app from the Google play store. But you should also know to access private data using a VPN can be very harmful. A Non-Secure android VPN connection can store your data in clear type format. Which means if you Enter Login Password on any website they can store. Whereas in Secure android VPN connection data is encrypted from end to end. Meaning data will be encrypted when it goes out of your device until the server and encrypted data comes.

FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps

First, let’s learn more about VPN’s. What is VPN, How do VPN works and Why should I use VPN in simple words?

What is VPN App?

Full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It connects you to a large network of servers located all around the globe. VPN is used to send data in encrypted form.

Another using for using VPN is if you are using public WiFi in a coffee shop or airport. You don’t know if the router is configured properly in terms of security. If any hacker is connected and tracking all your packets then your privacy is at high risk.

Another possible scenario is when you are connected to public wifi you can be connected to evil wifi which is purposely setup by a hacker to track all the data which can be very devastating.

The third scenario is if your ISP or Govt wants to track you what all websites you are accessing, your behavior, etc. then for that also you can use VPN Apps.

How Do VPN works?

The main aim of any VPN app is to route your data from one server to another and get you access to any website. It shows destination server that user is coming from X country when actually user is in Y country.


You are person A sitting in China and want to access but you find Google, Facebook, Youtube are blocked in China. Then you can use a VPN app to access these websites. What they do is VPN app sends a request to access but on VPN company server sitting in India. Then server requests and whatever data they get they send it to you. So you trick the firewall which prevents you from accessing google directly.

The request send from your phone to access is encrypted form which looks like this

Unencrypted String:



Encrypted String:

Target: GUodF/Fbz0pnWRWIcK3Q1Y/ckOgtH6n6

So firewall will not judge what the packet is saying and it will forward the packet to the destination server.

Why Should I use VPN?

If you want no one knows what you are searching, what website you are visiting, Who is visiting a website, From which country you are visiting a website. Then you can use a VPN. It gives you a virtual protection shield which gives you access to the whole internet without showing your identity. You will anonymously access any website on the internet. Not even your ISP or your govt will know what you are doing.


Free VPN Vs Paid VPN

Free VPN Paid VPN
Best 5 FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps 1 Best 5 FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps 2
Connection Speed Slow Fast
Stability Less, Frequent Connection Drops High, Almost Zero Connection Drops
Data Transfer Limited Unlimited
Server Selection Less and slow options More and Faster options
Data Protection No Yes, No logs storing
Advertising Yes No




5 Best Secure Android VPN

#1 NordVPN (for Android)

NordVPN is one of the best choices you can go for when buying a VPN. Nord VPN has over 5200+ Servers in 62 countries. The NordVPN app has built-in adblocker so you need not to worry about ads popping up when surfing the internet.


  • High Speed (Up to 70 MBPS downloading)
  • Pre Installed Adblocker
  • Largest Server Collection
  • Simple Interface
  • Cheap Monthly Cose ($2.99 Per Month)


  • Lack of Split Tunnelling.

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#2 TunnelBear VPN (Free)

With 4.5 Star rating on google play store where 174,000+ User has voted. This is another gem in VPN’s available in the market. TunnelBear VPN is another free and paid secure android vpn service.

TunnelBear VPN is a free, incredibly simple app to browse the Internet privately and securely.


  • Free version available
  • Simple Interface
  • Fast Speed
  • Good Privacy Policy


  • Low Number of servers
  • Can’t select a specific server

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#3 CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is another VPN service which is available on google play store for free. Cyberghost VPN is a nice alternative to other secure android vpn apps to use. It has a free version available to use. Cyber Ghost provides over 3700+ servers from over 60 countries. Cyberghost VPN also has one of the simplest Interface to use.


  • High Server count
  • Different countries servers to access geolocation restricted content



  • Expensive
  • Slow Upload speed

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#4 IPVanish VPN: The Fastest VPN

IpVanish VPN is another very good VPN app which can be downloaded from google play store. IPVanish provides a secure connection to the internet. All the data, Email, Images transferred is in encrypted form. IPVanish VPN has a rating of just 3.5 stars on google play store. Which is not so good.


  • Good Performance
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections
  • Split Tunneling


  • Not so friendly Interface
  • Relative Few Servers

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#5 Secure VPN – A high speed, ultra-secure VPN

Secure VPN has a global VPN having servers America, Europe, Asia and they are expanding more soon. This means most of the users will get good speed and low latency in using these servers. Secure VPN is downloaded by over 10 Million users. Rating of Secure Vpn is around 4.7 Stars on google play store rated by well over 229,000+ Users.


  • The app supports android version 5.0+
  • Strict No data Logging Policy
  • Choose Smart Server Feature
  • One of the highly rated apps on the Google Play store


  • The fewer server than Competition
  • Could affect download and upload speed in some region where servers are far.

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If you are thinking to use Free Secure Android VPN then you can use the above article and choose any one of the above. But if you use it more often and use it for accessing private stuff then I would recommend you to use a Paid version of VPN. As that will be more secure ensures no data logging, Faster Download, and Upload speeds.


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