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5 Must Have Free Android Apps for Youtubers

5 Must Have Free Android Apps for Youtubers 2

Everyone these days is looking forward to becoming a YouTuber. Youtube video creation is becoming a big trend when it comes to becoming famous. Earlier big brands used to advertise in Newspapers, Then they moved to Television which stayed there for quite a while. Then they moved to digital media like text and image advertisements on blogs and websites. Now they are on youtube as the reach around the globe is increasing exponentially day by day. Youtubers not only gain fame by getting a lot of subscribers on youtube but they are also get paid well. Some top individual YouTubers get paid in million per years by advertising ads and sponsored videos. But everyone forgets the hardship and struggle YouTubers do behind the scene. I must say youtubers works 24×7.

So, Here are Top 5 Must Have Free Android Apps For Youtubers which most YouTubers use to keep look on there work on the go.

Fun Fact

  • 1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day.
  • YouTube attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet.


Must Have Free Android Apps For Youtubers

#1 Youtube Creator Studio

5 Must Have Free Android Apps for Youtubers 3

Like the apps for every user to watch youtube videos. There is an app for YouTubers who uploads a video on youtube. This app is made for you to organize your youtube dashboard easily. It has all the basic features like changing Title, Description, Tags, Monetisation etc. It also has some important features like viewing analytics of your youtube channel, After uploading a video you can moderate comments from here and many more advanced stuff can also be done.


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#2 Adsense App

adsense android dashboard earning

This is another app by Google. Every youtuber must know about Adsense. It is the first source of income for everyone. So for this also youtube has made an app. Though Youtube Creator Studio all also has the feature to view your earning in the same app but in this app, you can statistics in detail. So if you are too much into Adsense then this app can also motivate. This app will show you your CPC, CPM, Today’s earning, Yesterday’s earning, This month earning with a comparison to the same day last month or week. You can also watch your youtube views, Clicks etc.

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#3 Tag You


tag you android app

This is another useful app for youtubers to use because in new youtube search engine optimization (SEO) tags also play an important role. So proper tags in video description or tags section are essential to reach the proper audience for overall growth. So this app helps you to boost your youtube video ranking on particular and related search terms showing better relevancy.


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#4 Kine Master Pro


5 Must Have Free Android Apps for Youtubers 4

It is an app to edit your videos just using your phone. It is a fully professional video editor to edit your videos and add Text, special effect (blur, mosaic, etc), videos, images, music etc.  It also has an inbuilt feature to frame by frame trim or combine many videos into one. Even after all these things this app is all free to use. It has a built-in library to use all the effects, video transitions etc. If you are into youtube you must try this once.



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#5 Canva: Graphic Design & Logo, Flyer, Poster maker


Canva app is used by many youtubers and bloggers to create images. This tool is very handy to use and the interface is easy to understand and operate. The app allows you to create images of custom sizes and it also has predefined sizes of images like a Pinterest image, Facebook banner, post, Instagram post, story etc.

You have a feature to create an image from starting or you can use some pre-made templates for different purpose like a wedding, birthday, baby shower, inauguration invitation, etc. With that, it also has free and paid elements like vector images, or some commonly used images, logo etc. So this is a one-stop solution to creating interactive images and infographics etc.


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  • Mohammad Mustufa
    May 11, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information. I don’t know about before Tag You app. It really plays a good job for youtube seo.

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