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5 Best Weight Loss Android Apps for Free

Best Weight Loss App For Android

Weight loss is a big and very concerning topic to make people aware. Most of the apps I see are paid and free ones have some or the other feature missing so here is a list of best weight loss android apps for free to use. The lifestyle of people these days is of no activity just sit from morning to evening on a chair. This is one of the reasons for obesity in these days. The solution to this problem is to take the first step towards healthier tomorrow. Some people think exercising is the only solution but getting healthy is made of many different things like a proper exercising plan, eating small meals in short intervals, proper sleeping plan.

To help you with this we have compiled a list of Android apps to help you make healthier. Beware these apps will not make you healthier but you have to work hard. These apps will help you move more but you have to push your self to achieve better results. Exercise only will not help you to become healthier but you have to control your diet. You have to make your diet in a caloric deficit.


List Of 5 Best Weight Loss Android Apps

The list of best apps is based on my experience. Apps in the list are free to download and use. But for premium features, some apps may ask for paid membership but it will be 100% optional. This post is not sponsored by any of these apps companies so my opinion will be 100% unbiased.


#1 Samsung Health (FREE)

This is one of the best apps in the list and also favorite of mine after using tons of apps. This app has almost all the features which you will be needing to improve your stamina of walking, jogging or running.

If you are preparing for a 5KM run or 10KM run or even Marathon this app is what you need to look at. It has workout plans for everyone whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Some feature I like most is it has a leaderboard for your friends and worldwide where you can compare your performance to everyone using this app. It also compares you with every one of your age group how many steps they and you walk?

which could lead you to walk more to achieve better standing among others. unlike other apps, it can work in the background and it is 90% accuracy (tested by me while walking). It doesn’t consume much of my battery in tracking and taking data from GPS, wifi, etc.

It also has some tracking features like sleep tracking, water intake, Heart Beats etc. Though things like weight tracking, water tracking etc needs manual input of data. But still, it will motivate you losing weight.

Download: Samsung Health from Android Devices Google Play Store



Endomondo is an app which is solely built to track your activity. If you are running, walking, hiking, cycling etc. This app is built by Under Armour which is a big brand provides sports-related products. This is the best app with a lot of features like music player, tracking steps, calories, etc. This is the most accurate app which has a lot of features to show you will tracking like a timer, calories, steps, Heart Rate, your walking pattern map etc. These are customizable you can add other things like your pace, elevation change, Speed etc. So this has the most features to play with and detailed data to show your performance.

Download: Endomondo – Running & Walking


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#3 Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App A.K.A The Pacer App is another step counting app which helps you to measure and keep a record of your daily progress. unlike others, this is very easy to use and has a lot of data to analyze. The unique feature of this app is it can sync with MyFitnessPal App and Fitbit. Combining these three are the best combination to get data about your body.

Fitbit will help you to record data from the Fitbit Band and MyFitnessPal App will get your food and water intake. As I have already told you only Excercise will only not going to help you. The combination of exercise and nutrition intake in your body will help you to maximize the results. This app will also motivate you to push harder as this app will compare you with millions of other active users to compete with and get better ranking.

Download: Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App


#4 Calorie Counter – MyFitnesPal

My Fitness Pal is a leader in measuring Food Nutrition. They have the biggest database of almost each and every food around the globe with the exact nutrition value stored in it. This will help you to complete your daily intake of all nutrition. To use this app is so easy that you have to put your daily caloric intake total value once. Then each day after every meal you have to input how much what food you have eaten. It will show the caloric value of it and shows you how much more you can or you have to eat in a day to reach your goal. The best part is this app is free it is like gold mine you can make your diet plan by looking the macros in it. Almost all gym experts and nutritionist suggest using this app.

Download: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal


#5 Gym Coach – Workouts & Fitness At Home Workouts

If you consider faster “FAT Loss and Weight Loss” you have to consider gymming with a strict diet plan. To create a diet plan, you can consider MyFitnesPal app and gym exercise you can use this app. It is an offline app which does not need an internet connection to run. You just have to open the app and choose the desired body part to train and start working with the demonstrated exercise.

Download: Gym Coach – Workouts & Fitness At Home Workouts



These all apps are tested by me but earlier I worked hard to follow all the given exercise but got no result. But later I learned about nutrition and after learning about it I started to see results. So Work Smart should be the main goal for us. After using all these apps I could say the apps works if you use them properly.


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