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4 Useful Weapons + 1 Bonus Tip To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode : Survive Till Dawn

4 Useful Weapons 1 Bonus Tip To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode _ Survive Till Dawn

PubG has many features which are earlier was not available in other games. This is the reason why it became so famous. It is a trending app in the play store as well as in the app store. But after the recent update of Player Unknown Battle Ground which is PUBG Zombie Mode: Survive Till Dawn.

After introducing this to the public it has been a hit from day one. But some people face difficulty in surviving in zombie mode. I found people struggling to survive in zombie mode because of the poor selection of which weapon to use. Normally people run after using a sniper rifle with a scope and ump or M416 which has lower recoil and easy to handle.

This works for normal matches but here in zombie mode, we need to kill zombies as quickly as possible with using lesser bullets. So for that, I have made a special list of weapons which are often overlooked but could be life-saving here.


M314 – Mini Machine Gun

weapons To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode
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When it comes to M249 or DP-28 players prefer them over any other gun as a primary gun at least with the players I played with including random and my friends.

So in Zombie mode, a new gun is introduced which is exclusive for zombie mode only. M314 cannot be found outside zombie mode or in classic or arcade mode. This is a nice addition and one of my favorite guns for zombie mode. This gun fires very fast, in single reload it can fire 200 bullets just like M249 can fire 100. Where M249 Fires 5.54 Ammo but M314 Supports 7.62 Ammo. Supporting 7.62 Ammo makes it more deadly because every hit of 7.62 gives more hit to the zombie or enemy and this is applicable across the game. whether it is classic, arcade or zombie mode.

Beware with this gun as this gun takes 1 sec to fire some might feel this is nor firing. But it takes a second to get ready and fire. when you fire you will hear a motor kind of noise but keep holding tap and it will start firing. So keep some buffer time for it to start firing.


Flame Thrower

weapons To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode
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This is another addition in PUBG game with this mode. Flame Thrower is only in zombie mode. As the name speaks this gun throws fire oncoming zombies. Flame Thrower can be used to burn your enemy which can be zombie, bots or real players. This gun can be found by killing Tyrant or other Zombies. But getting the ammo is quite possible if you keep fighting with zombies and not run away. The ammo of this gun looks like a red bottle in 100-200 quantity. Finding this gun is quite difficult, but if you know where this gun can be found then start collecting ammo from starting of the game.

The drawback of this gun is the range of this gun is very low so if the enemy is firing on you from far then you have to switch to other guns to kill. It also takes quite some time to kill a zombie so if you have a lot of zombies around you then you also need another gun.


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Tip To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode-akm

People often find AWM, M24, Kar98 in this mode and pick up trying to kill zombies. As zombies come so fast you need more bullets to unload into your enemies body. So for that, you can use AKM or M762 and Also DP-28 but as it has very high reloading time. Hence DP-28 is quite not recommended.

Also, 9MM is a big no to use because it takes ages to kill with 9mm. 5.56 can be used but try to avoid it. You can keep some bullets of 7.62 and m416 or SCAR-L both if you can’t find ammo of 7.62 which is not possible but still keep 2 guns.

Another thing to keep in mind is as I already said prefer 7.62 guns over other as you will be facing zombies. Most of the time and the will be close to you so recoil will not bother you.


Shot Gun

Tip To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode-s1897-shotgun

This is the least preferred gun in this game but is close range battle nothing is better than Shotguns. In that also S1897 and S686 are the best and for a little long range, you can use S12K which I personally don’t like. One close proper on a zombie or real player can kill them. So why not try it but as DP it also has longer reload time so plan wisely.


A quick tip to add is try aiming for head shots because it will take least time to kill someone and soon you will be lot better in aiming fast on head shots.




Tip To Survive in PUBG Zombie Mode-s1897-shotgun


Shocked? yes, grenades can also be lifesaving when it comes to a lot of zombies running behind you. so kill zombies you can run ahead of zombies and while running throw grenade in front of you. So that when a zombie will reach till granade the will be killed.

You know the power of granade if blasted on a proper place it can give up to 100% damage.


The things I wrote in this article was fun because to write this I had to play zombie mode for quite a while to know everything about this. This made me more excited to write PUBG related article.


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